Extruding - American Extruded Products

The Process:
The extrusion process can produce pipe, hollow shapes or solid shapes in long lengths. The starting raw material is a large diameter bar of the required grade of steel. These bars are cut to the appropriate billet length to produce the desired finish length. Dies are produced with the contour of the shape cut in the die. The billets are heated to 2100 to 2300 before being put into the water hydraulic press. The billet is rolled in crushed glass (which acts as a lubricant) and put into the extrusion press container. The press ram applies 2500T of pressure to expand the billet to fill the container. The billet is then forced through the die in one to five seconds. As the material is forced through the die, it takes the shape of the die profile. The long lengths are then annealed if necessary; stretch straightened; shot blasted; bump straightened and detwisted as required; acid pickled if a stainless grade, inspected for tolerances and shipped.

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